Being An Olympic Athlete Pays Off


I love the Olympic Games. It doesn’t matter whether they are the summer or winter ones. Patriotism seems to just burst forth from the countries of their most treasured athletes and the world as a whole. There are some definite advantages of being an Olympian. Here are just a few benefits.

Showcase talent - Olympians get a chance to show the results of long hours and hard work that take place behind the scenes. With the sacrifice of their time and financial resources, parents often go above and beyond to make sure that their son’s or daughter’s athletic dreams are realized. Winning the gold in their particular sport is the goal that they have repeatedly played over and over again in their mind.

Travel nationally and internationally - Olympians have many opportunities to travel all over the world for training purposes and also to participate in competitions related to their particular sport.

Making friends from other countries and cultures - Olympians have the opportunity to make friends even in the midst of grueling and tough competitions. At the end of the day some lifelong friendships are probably made. The Olympic Village is a regular melting pot of people from many different nations and cultures. Their knowledge of the world is enhanced and enlarged by this unique experience.

Educating the public – Whether they know it or not, Olympians are educating the public by exposing the world to their sport. Sometimes the sport may be relatively unknown or new to the Olympic Games.

Geography lessons – Olympians of lesser known places have the opportunity to put their country on the map. Athletes from unfamiliar countries allow spectators and visitors to learn more just by their presence.

Hometown Hero - When winning athletes go to their hometown they are treated like heroes. In some instances there may even be a street named in their honor.

Lucrative deals – Stand out Olympians have a better chance for a financially secure future by becoming a spokesperson of a particular product. And who wouldn’t want to have their faces prominently displayed on a Wheaties box?

Trying something different – While Olympians may excel in a particular sport, making a name for themselves at the Olympics often leads to other careers that they may have never considered before. The opportunities are limitless.


By participating in the Olympic Games, the lives of many athletes will never be the same. With a steady diet of hard work and perseverance they show the world that dreams can come true. And for many of them it goes far beyond what they probably could have imagined.

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